Tracey Tindall

Natural Aromatherapy Range


What we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies.

Over 10 years ago Tracey developed a completely natural, handmade Aromatherapy range to support the needs of her patients, especially those with skin problems. Many patientís skin problems responded dramatically well to the initial creams so she was led to develop a whole range to support all skincare needs.

The products are particularly useful for anyone with skin complaints like eczema, sensitive skin or anyone wishing to avoid absorbing toxic chemicals.

Aromatherapy range for Pregnancy, babies and children.

This specially formulated range for pregnant women, babies and children, uses essential oils and dilutions that are safe for the different needs of these individuals. It is especially important during pregnancy and with our children that the products you use are free from the harmful chemicals found in most commercial products, as these toxins are absorbed into our bodies and have been linked to a host of different problems including allergies and sensitivities.

The Pregnancy range includes the popular, great Stretch-mark Prevention Oil, Relaxing Pregnancy Bath & Massage Oil, Post-natal Healing Oil, Nipple Cream and Nappy Cream.

All our products are free from petrochemicals, additives and mineral oils (which are derived from petrol!) found in most commercial products, as these are toxic and irritate delicate skin. They are handmade for you from the finest natural ingredients.

They make perfect gifts for your loved ones!

To place an order contact us now on:

Tel: 020 8352 2030

International: 00 44 20 8352 2030


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