Tracey Tindall

Personalised Health Analysis & Programme 



  • Would you like better health?

  • Do you have physical or emotional issues you would like to be free of?

  • Could you benefit from more energy?



Quicker results are obtained using multi therapies together.

Most patients feel a significant improvement after the 1st session.

In just a few sessions people have been able to change their health and lives around, feeling happier and healthier than they ever have.

A Personalised Health Analysis and Programme, tailored to your individual needs, can help you resolve deep-seated health issues. Alternatively, you may just want to support your physical form through times of change or letting go.

After completing a medical questionnaire and a full case-taking session with Tracey she will assess your symptoms, level of health, inherited constitution, diet and lifestyle. Tracey will then be able to determine the best approach and together you will develop a programme tailored to your individual needs.

Your programme would usually include Homeopathic and Herbal remedies, dietary and nutritional advice with Allergy Testing, Journeywork or Bodywork if appropriate.  Your Programme may include any of the Complementary Therapies practiced by Tracey and may also include any of the following powerful programmes, adapted to you individual needs:

Herbal Detoxification Programme

Candida Programme

Hormone Balancing Programme

Blood sugar balancing and Weight-loss Programme

Preconception, Pregnancy & Birth Programme

Journey-Massage or phone Journeys

Cranio-Sacral or Energy Balancing

The length and frequency of sessions will obviously depend on your specific requirements and will be discussed at the end of your first appointment.

Click here to find out more about the Personalised Journeywork Programme.

Tracey has considerable experience of devising health programmes and helping thousands of people heal themselves of debilitating physical conditions for over a decade.

You will be able to make significant shifts in your health and wellbeing!

Quicker results are obtained using multi-therapies together!

If you could benefit from a Personalised Health Analysis and Programme then contact Tracey today on:

Tel: 020 8352 2030

International: 00 44 20 8352 2030


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